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Happy Wednesday Broadcast Inspirational Quotes

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  The Happy Wednesday Foundation

Women going through life changing events experience a myriad of emotions. During these times, decisions, direction and daily activities must go on despite the desire of feeling stuck and not knowing how to move forward.


Chances are you know a woman that is a cancer survivor, a victim of domestic violence, homeless or single again through divorce or the loss of a loved one.

Chances are that someone may be your neighbor, friend, sister, mother, maybe you?

Do you wonder how these challenging life experiences may have affected them? The Happy Wednesday Foundation is a 501 (C) (3) non-profit organization that offers women and children a life boat, a path, a way to rejuvenate their own lives and the lives of their children!

The Happy Wednesday Foundation is committed to assisting women who may have lost their focus, lost their motivation, or think they have lost their ability to be the person they want to be.  Through the four programs of The Happy Wednesday Foundation supports the mission: to empower women to regain their confidence, build self-esteem and create a foundation of life skills to enhance and improve the quality of life for themselves and their children. Individuals can reclaim their lives or create new paths to live the life of their dreams.


What can you do to support the Happy Wednesday Foundation?

  • Refer women to our supportive programs.
  • Finally and perhaps most importantly, you can financially support through donations and private foundation grants.

The Happy Wednesday Foundation is committed to supporting women to develop a path of life skills through our four programs:

                                                          R & R Day Retreats

Our goal is to support women in transition to de-stress, refocus, build self-esteem, regain their confidence, unplug and have FUN. Women in transition include: survivors of catastrophic illness, the homeless, victims of domestic violence, women who are single again, and women with issues of substance abuse children. A total day of rejuvenation!

                  The National Association of Divorce for Women and Children (

This 24/7 Resource Center supports, encourages, and inspires women during and after divorce. The mission of NADWC is to change the “face” of the divorce by helping women learn how to re-focus their life and re-enter the community as competent, productive, confident members.

      Single Again! Now What? Mentoring Program (Single Again)

Through Single Again participation, women acquire and use skills to become financially independent and to enhance and improve the quality of life for themselves and their children.

Single Again provides women with a step-by-step system to benefit all areas of her life including health, family, career, financial, and social. Each one hour session has a specific topic, including assessing personal and professional goals, setting goals, coping with stress, communication skills, time management and self care.


                                                The Happy Wednesday Broadcast

The broadcast, heard in over 20 countries is an inspirational midweek boost to help recipients make Wednesday a power day.

Why be a sponsor?

Joanie Winberg, CEO and Founder
The Happy Wednesday Foundation